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Choosing the Right Oil for Massaging Your Baby

Massage plays an important role in the healthy growth and development of babies both emotionally and physically. Infant massage is not only a great way to bond with your baby, but it also helps to improve their sleep pattern, immune system, circulation and digestive system function. To increase the effectiveness of your massage and protect your baby’s sensitive skin, it’s crucial that you choose the right oil. There are several oils available, but before you choose one, consider some of the dos and don’ts of baby massage oil.

Do: test for skin sensitivity

Every infant’s skin is different, so it’s recommended that you patch test for any sensitivities she or he may have before you begin with the massage. Performing a patch test is the best way to test your baby’s sensitivity to new oil since it’s easier to deal with one inflamed piece of skin than the entire body. To perform a patch test, place a small portion of oil on the inner arm in the morning, and then continually monitor it throughout the day. Any redness that develops indicates an allergic reaction or sensitivity to that particular oil.
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All About Baby Massage Oil

With ever-increasing interest in the benefits and advantages of infant massage, many parents realise the importance of learning proper baby massage techniques. When people learn about baby massage and become better educated in how to provide nurturing touch most effectively, the use of baby massage oil quickly becomes a factor to consider.

The fact is that there are many advantages of using an oil when massaging your baby. Understandably, parents want to ensure that the oil they use is suitable and will not cause an adverse reaction for their baby. Because parents want to know that the products they use are safe and nurturing for their baby, here we have compiled a list of eight things to know about baby massage oils:

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