Breastfeeding Promotes Healthier Weight: Study

A study led by Aligarh Muslim University and the University of California-Davis has concluded that breastfeeding promotes healthy weight gain in babies.

It was found that, through breastfeeding, babies gain weight naturally at their own unique rate. Dr Hessa Khalfan Al Ghazal, director of the Executive Committee for the Sharjah Baby Friendly Emirate Campaign (SBFEC), said of the study: “In some cases, babies have gained weight faster through artificial methods, but faster or bigger is not necessarily better.

We should let the baby’s body find its natural pace and adjust itself, rather than imposing external constraints.” These findings only help the efforts of the SBFEC, as the underlying goal of the campaign is to boost awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding and to make workplaces, public places, nurseries and health facilities more accommodating to breastfeeding women. The study adds strength to what experts have been saying for years about breastfeeding being the superior alternative due to the proteins, vitamins and other vital nutrients babies get from it. Of course, some women have a hard time with breastfeeding, and there are many parenting courses that can help make it easier and more comfortable for mothers.